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Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada


University of Winnipeg, Canadian Mennonite University, Red River College

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Live Love, Give Love, Be Love.

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film and writing – Joel wrote, directed, and edited his first film, Paranoia, in 2002. He has written 8 novels, including the shadow in the darkness, sanctuary, collapse, and the ouroboros trilogy: twelve, happiness in slavery, and the watchers. The ouroboros trilogy is currently being devoloped into a television series.

music – Joel released his first full length album, Searching For Lethe, in February of 2010. His first three singles (“Silver”, “Searching for Lethe”, and “Callous”) all charted on the KICKFM Top 40.

Joel is also the creative force behind Grey Spade. Under the banner of Grey Spade, Joel has scored three short films. A web-series. A radio-drama. And released three full-length albums: Sanctuary, Ouroboros and Sol

Grey Spade is set to release a new concept album in the Fall with collaborators, Jordan Nickel (of Acidscar) and Chaley Voth.