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Life Philosophy

What is reality?

from a quantum perspective… matter is ultimately composed of energy wave particles that could be simultaneously everywhere, yet nowhere at all except for our observed focal point.

from an atomic perspective… objects of matter perceived by us as solid, are mostly (99.999999%) occupied by empty space within a single atom… there are more atoms in your body than the number of human bodies needed to fill all of Earth’s oceans.

from a chemical perspective… 60% of our human body is composed of water (H2O), 70% for brain, and 90% for lungs… all life on this planet process reactions of energy that is neither created nor destroyed, but always in equilibrium.

from a biological perspective… all lifeforms on this planet are genetically related to us, sharing one common ancestor… this include animals, insects, plants, and bacteria.

from a visible perspective… our eyes can only see ~0.000000000000000000000000035% of what is actually in front of us… if the visible light spectrum was the length of a piano keyboard, the rest of the electromagnetic spectrum (which would encompass gamma-rays, x-rays, ultraviolet, infrared, microwaves, radio-waves, ect.) would be the distance from where you are standing to the moon… all invisible to our naked eyes.

from a cosmic perspective… each of us embody the elements of stars that make up the galaxies and hence the entire known universe… all of which begun as an unified point of singularity prior to the Big Bang.

and yet…

from a cognitive perspective… our egoistic mind perceives oneself as an isolated entity of form, centered and separate from everything else… though a naturally selected sensory mindset for enhancing survival, the illusion of separateness come at the cost of loneliness, depression, fear, envy, pride, and hate… negative side-effects which manifest into ill-conceived behaviors of harm… cast upon ourselves, and on to others…

science helps us gain knowledge of the finer and grander perspectives of reality, empowering us to shift our narrow field of view… improving our mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical states of being… personally, and as a collective species.