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Does anyone here think negativity has any benefit to evolution of the human race

if so…why? and if not…then how can we get other people to see it bares no true value for the continuation of us in a positive growth pattern? all growth is positive. period. there is...

intelligent life

why do we live in fear while growing up? humans are programmed to the predecessors to the successors, just like plants are predecessors to the successors(but in purely positive growth). what if we...

True flow of life?

What if we thought of life on earth as two parallel dimensions? Two dimensions that give us the illusion of it being one, but completely covering each other in opposite directions. What if you could...

i just got shoved…


Mayan Galactic Tone & Sun Sign Calculator mine makes sense. and it intertwines with everybody elses that enters and exits my life. take everything w/ a grain of salt. personally this shit blows my...

Cannabinoid Cheat Sheet

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If humans are a relatively new species…

the next step is unconditional compassion for everything and everyone in life like every other compassionately evolved species inhabiting the earth right?

my psychonautic link dump just some food for thought. <3

constant update of high vibratory or soulful music I like i like a wide variety, but mostly enlightenment based.

snatchin yo cameras' up

celebrating a 5000 member increase since ive been a member, spreadin like a wild fire

anyone have a good sound system? this turns me into an efficient battery

2 minute meditation

who cares?

how has psilocybin impacted your reality?

opened up my doors to inner peace/contentment, healthy eating, dance, and meditation.

another school shooting any thoughts?

I am happy.

not knowing why, is maybe the reason I’m happy. for knowing is not happiness at all, and unknowing is the only constant among us. My knowledge of unknowledge correlates vicariously through a...

accepting fate

psilocybin = some old ass voodoo shit that teaches you about non-physical reality and impending doom acceptance. mdma = ecstacy = stack it with lsd or psilo for enhanced focus of the knowledge of that...

looking at the clock consistently at the same time? if this occurs, check this site out, its kind of like a horoscope

eating synthetic food

mcdonalds/energy drinks… just fake foods in general. are we evolving to feed off of non-organic chemically manufactured means of nutrition? if we can survive with out real shit then are we...

Post your creative escapades. i love to dance, whats your passion?

anyone knowledgeable on understanding natal charts?

Live and Let Inspire.

Consciously foreshadowing the inspiration of others preclude’s intuitiveness, and trumps the intrinsically quintessential spirit of humans.

come and follow me……..


words only mean so much. attaching more emotion to a word then the present permits negatively affects emotions and how they are saved in your brain. if words used in a conversation have negative...

Mind, Body, and Soul.

Mind = Operating system Body = Tower Soul = Graphics Card + Ram

whats true

Life outside of life but within realms of reality, the mind is a program that deciphers completely how we comprehend this place and has safeguards for automatic breathing and muscle memory movement...

What is Mysticism?

The Human Experience seeing is believing.


very very distant temple. i think its above the clouds, and their is many steps to climb to get there.

science & spirituality?

“MUSIC is SELF EVOLUTION… You start listening to certain kind of music and it evolves as your sub-conscious mind demands something different; music with a deeper state of...


what inspires you to be strong in fucked up situations?

> >

fungi that feeds on plastic? seems legit

Environmental change 'triggers rapid evolution'

Nuclear Enlightenment

The possibility of complete earthly destruction is present. If everything has a mathematical dualistic nature dealing with karma then the opposite of the threat that we face is global illumination,...

Lunar Burn : The Land of Vesak

controlling crop pest evolution

why does music feel so good?

“I’d be like, oh my god I just released dopamine, and my nucleus accumbens is now communicating with the superior temporal gyrus, and that’s pulling up some other memories of when I was 12 and...

psychedelic science conference ( made like 1500 goody bags today

i dont listen to indie rock much

but these kids are nailing it.

kimdotcom's "White Paper" – The Future of Digital Rights. Conclusion The U.S. government’s take-down of Megaupload and Kim Dotcom has ramifications far beyond a single company and its executives. It sets an alarming precedent...

support my dreams ^-^

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Sacred Blue Lotus

I’ve been fucking around with the leaves and extract. it has a nice tame tea like flavour and adds a healthy amount of burn-time to joints with-out having to get ultra blazed when you just want...


is attainable. is a mind-state, it is on earth.


minds guide our souls through the coagulation of intelligent energy within our premises, and are the unconscious reciprocal of consciousness.

anti-GMO, monsanto rally in San fran. and a poem i wrote.

wrote this earlier today, shut my eyes and walk straight. these depressed feelings will eliminate. head to the sky, forget the lies. feel your fake demise. reprise in our soulful kind. shine is not...

reality is a very thin layer

we are harnessed, we are manifesting collectable energy of some sort, and our loving energy is being applied elsewhere for very good reasons.

Spherical Glass Solar Energy Generator

worst case of scientific censorship since galileo

just got an acoustic guitar….

how the fuck do i use this thing? can anyone direct me anywhere other then a general “use the internet” for useful information on learning? if not im just going to pluck these strings till...

do butterfly's feed off of emotion?

i seem to always connect with them at very emotional times, good or bad. the feeling that you get when someone looks at you is how butterfly’s enter my world. ill just see open air then insta...

help a childhood friend of mine be an NBA cheerleader ~! its currently tied. she’s a good person, great dancer, and it is a big opportunity for her....

Number Sequence Noticing

anyone feel a certain chain of number’s is reoccurring in your train of thought? which ones?

my 40th poem recorded. I LOVE DMT

mind manifestation

trapped in a dream creating all I can be at the cost of knowing none other then what i seek.

{the illusion of?} anonymity

trying to remain anonymous makes us fearful of being our self with~in our inner dialogue in hope’s that our mistake’s will be taken lightly because we can write them off as not being that...

pikpukism anyone have thoughts

I am strong. I am healthy. I am impenetrable.

I am strong. I am healthy. I am impenetrable.

any thoughts on cannabis side effect reduction with the use of ibuprofen consistent feed of conscious gliding. when my mind runs faster then I can compete with then the best rest is to catch up with it and turn on cruise control. not...

Aleph – the essence of power (~*~) —

Ask The Right God Damned Questions

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where have you been lately?

end breed specific legislation in ontario please sign this petition to repeal pitbull discrimination laws in ontario.

free write something

it can be anything – life is frightening – rhyming typing-ling – poetic siphoning – flowing ascii – cite an opening – dont ask – paint a picture –...

land of the

the answer is rude

between the lines create new seed opportunity to lose – a shattered opinion the games we dont win m lose all feeling perfect cut gems not appealing love is attachment of not needing befriend...

draw me a picture

and ill draw you one


make a poem about this sky thats overcast turn taste buds dry select me is what we be until i become entirely what it is I read is between me and me reactions of the free keep your grass green you can...

vibe with Joe

sunny days

something worth saying whats a life worth paying cash card or in sane dashboard crashsting macbook lacking a state of relaxing programmed to smack me no high all laughing some times on blast sing hear...

get to it

live along the guidelines sing the song that finds time ring the gong that signs blind hope is gone im hindsight life is but a light fight blight versus might connection is my stripes convection...

seven sumbilical soliloquies

split splatters a life list ladders climbin til a mind finding will in time hits shatters  fix batters kix it madders risk it lifted kick flips n rips it tattered in the mix like rich kids...