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Life Philosophy

refuse to conform- follow your own moral compass and you can do no wrong. do what makes you happy, but be respectful of other living creatures and the earth. we are all in this together <3

I am...

-from custer, sd (population: 1800)
-a pisces
-enrolled at the university of hawai’i


“The best things can’t be told: the second best are misunderstood.” ~Heinrich Zimmer


i love reading all kinds of literature. school has me busy with a lot of theory, and i’m enjoying every second of it. i love reading cultural materials, along with nonfiction topics in science and history. i also love reading fiction novels based in history if i get the opportunity. a few of my favorites are ‘one flew over the cuckoo’s nest,’ ‘the pillars of the earth,’ and ‘radical ecology.’


i’m on board with most types of music. i wouldn’t choose to listen to country or polka in my free time, though. ;) i mostly listen to alternative– any band that has a unique sound with meaningful and inspiring lyrics.

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