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  • 2015-04-15 @ 20:55:00

    Nice post and sarcasm :)

    I know he’s used more as clickbait in this article, but what are your thoughts on this?
    “If I am such a revolutionary against the system, why does the system give me so much exposure?” This was a meme of Russell Brand I recently came across and would like to hear your guys’ thoughts on it.

    30 Reasons Why Russell Brand is Wrong and We Don’t Need No Revolution

  • 2015-02-19 @ 19:11:50

    Great stuff. The coffee example was super interesting! I believe many companies do artificial discounts up front to achieve the similar effect… ie. Normal MSRP would be 49.99 but they mark it up to 74.99 with a discount down to 49.99 to give the end user a perceived deal. Wow a 33% discount.

    I do like the change in perception to look at what’s been done instead of what’s left to be done. Very powerful.

    Why You Should Find Your “X-Spot” If You Want To Succeed

  • 2014-12-07 @ 17:08:09

    I can definitely see how that’d be one of those experiences where you’re ”all-in”, then something comes along where you think, ‘I didn’t sign up for this!’ Neat post!

    Living the Tribal Life: 6 Far-Out Experiences from Tribal Alliance Gathering

  • 2014-12-07 @ 17:05:46

    This is exactly why I dig the Valhalla Movement of an earthship community of around {80} homes. It would feel so isolating to live in the sense of the article’s environment, but how neat would it be to become a normal neighborhood that you might pass by just down the street. I think that’s how the mindset and hunger for sustainability will spread; when a seemingly crazy tribe shows that it’s not all that impossible to live ‘off-the-grid’, but that it’s actually quite easy and fulfilling. Lead by example!

    Why I gave up living in an off-grid commune

  • 2014-12-05 @ 01:15:58

    am I not able to share this via social media from HE ? I have only the option to share via YouTube, but I’d like to introduce friends to HE. ;)

    Louis C.K. “If God Came Back”

  • 2013-11-13 @ 17:22:29

    friend sent me this after talking about the warlike nature of chess + aboriginees in Australia and how they think games in which one person or team wins are silly. it also brings into question the culture of the olympics.

    we vs me [ubuntu and competition]