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Thalasso Bain Bebe par Sonia Rochel

Le ” Thalasso Bain Bébé ” est une méthode de bain originale. Elle a été mise au point par Sonia Rochel, auxiliaire de puériculture à Paris. C’est l’aboutissement de...

An Evening with Ram Dass NYC, 1985 – Part 1

An Evening with Ram Dass NYC, 1985 Part 1 Ram Dass discusses awareness and experience with LSD.


Video for “A THOUGHT” the first single off Genesis the GreyKid’s debut project w/ Creative Control entitled “Grey Matter” releasing soon. Track was Produced by Creative...

Flying Lotus – Zodiac Shit (Official HD)

720p HD Music Video for Flying Lotus’ “Zodiac Shit” Video animated by lilfuchs. I do not own any of the rights to this song or video.

Existential Crisis of A Penguin

Uploaded by emperor3d on 2009-02-24.

Shamanism – Other Worlds – Ayahuasca Documentary

Shamanism – Other Worlds – Ayahuasca Documentary (Shaman_-_Other_Worlds_-_Ayahuasca_Documentary.avi) Ayahuasca is used largely as a religious sacrament. Those whose usage of ayahuasca is...

My Brain Hack for Never Getting Sick A data hack works much like an “aha” moment. You are exposed to a bit of information and suddenly other bits of information you...

Reincarnation- past life evidence (P 1)

check this out For more information about reincarnation documented cases

Mumford And Sons – Awake My Soul

Beautiful Lyrics..!!!!!!! Best one is this…….. In these bodies we will live, in these bodies we will die Where you invest your love, you invest your life

All we see & seem is but a dream within a dream

“All we see & seem is but a dream within a dream”: the illusory nature of physical reality, creative consciousness & the universal mind. Featuring Fred Alan Wolf, Nassim Haramein,...