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Life Philosophy

Every day is a chance to do at least one thing, just about anything to help yourself grow. If that includes helping or making the lives of other people easier, then great. I believe in a very apparently selfless approach to life because there is no central importance of the self outside of health and general well being.

I am...

a diverse, complicated and contradictory being. Everyone is a mess of emotions, beliefs, needs, wants and ideals that guide their morals and ethics. I openly know all of those parts of me are flawed and imperfect, but they are what I am and so I must make due with them.

On a more literal note I am a mid-twenty something cursed with being too darn awesome. I`m a Jazz and Blues radio host and part of the upcoming radio project Welcome to the Chaos Theater. I love neo-soul, jazz, tin can alley, swing, conscious minded hip-hop, civil rights, and all kinds of pizza. I love spinach, frozen yogurt and hate candies which are not sour. I am a Canadian, NDP, a feminist and an major in English, with minors in History and Women’s Studies.


And when you’ve returned to dry land, back into your roles,
where the world tells you what to do again, right before you start doing it, you’ll smirk and think to yourself “That was big, big, fun.” – John Mayer


American Gods, The Stand, Anansi Boys, Murder Mystery, Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, Plato`s Republic, The Prince, Sandman, Velvet Underground, Maus I and II, Batman: The Long Halloween.


Musicals, John Mayer, Neon Trees, Dr. Rage and the Uppercuts, Blood Red Shoes, Gorillaz, Little Dragon, Melody Gardot, Alex Pangman, Kai, Amy Winehouse, TV on the Radio, MSTRCRFT, De La Soul, The Roots, Nas, Norah Jones, Belle & Sebastien, Madonna, Lillix, The Light Brights, Andrea Romolo, Etro Anime, Five Alarm Funk, Foo Fighters, Hey Rosseta!, Wintersleep

Film & TV

Cat On a Hot Tin Roof, Glee, Prison Break, Better Off Ted, Darker Than Black, Grave of the Fireflies, Chinatown, Ameros Perros, (500) Days of Summer.

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