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Life Philosophy

Carpe Diem!
I love life and I am a dreamer who thinks this world could become a better place if we start by ourselves!
When it comes to religion I consider myself rather an agnostic I have some Buddhist tendencies and probably will end up being a Buddhist. I believe that life is too short and therefore when should make the most of it! We are here to improve ourselves and thus humanity, to help others and spread more love on this planet!

I am...

A lover most importantly.
A student of Literature at University and of philosophy, history and many of life’s greatest things on my own. I am rather an auto-didactic person! I am a growing musician, poet and writer, I have stopped producing for over two years now and I am currently resuming this activity. I am also a begginner yogini and a good friend!


“accept what is and hope to change what is not”
“Two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I am not sure about the universe” A.Einstein
“Life without music would be a mistake” F.Nietzsche
The mystic dances in the sun,
hearing music others don’t. ~Rumi
With Your sweet Soul, this soul of mine
has merged as water does with wine.
Who can part the water from the wine,
or me from You when we combine?~~Rumi




Emile Brehier: Histoire de la philosophie
Feodor Dostoevsky : The Idiot
Oscar Wilde : The picture of Dorian Gray
William Shakespeare: Othello
Frederick Nietzsche: Thus Spake Zarathoustra
Paul Auster: Moon Palace
Jean Paul Sartre: La nausée
Albert Camus: La peste
Gabriel Garcia Marquez: A hundred years of solitude
Paulo Coelho: The alchimist
Eleven Minutes
The Zahir
J.D.Salinger: The catcher in the Rye
J.M Coetzee: Waiting for the Barbarians
Amélie Nothomb: Antéchrista
Métaphysique des tubes
Mahmooud al Messadi: Haddatha Abou Hourayrata Kal


Damien Rice
Marcel Khalifah
Majida Al Roumi
Howard Shore

Film & TV

I am not really a big fan of Tv though… but I love movies.
Finding Forrester
Pirates Of The Caribbean
Jack and Jill Versus the World
The Lord of The Rings
The Matrix
I hate twilight by the way!!!!! The worst movies/books series ever!!