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  • 2014-02-01 @ 00:12:51

    confession … I never really liked your fab 50 or got off on it the way so many seemed to. The name of the site intrigued me enough to take a look at other post and eventually become a hethen :)

    but this list here … well now … it’s pretty fucking awesome! This here is a straight from the soul and experience shared list that would benefit anyone to read and practice.

    Great job.

    15 Big Life Insights I Wish I Knew at 18

  • 2013-06-03 @ 01:29:23

    super Jordan ;)

    How To Install a Power-Up Button On Your Body

  • 2012-09-03 @ 19:20:16

    That hippo unicorn picture is awesome!

    The Virtual Body Ideal: Why We Feel More Insecure Than Ever

  • 2012-07-18 @ 02:41:47

    “The only reason for time is so everythin doesn’t happen at once” -Einstein …

    This Will Mindfuck You: Simultaneity Is Relative

  • 2012-02-18 @ 04:17:38

    awesome. got a nice rush, body high watching. LOVED it! thank you.

    The Human Condition According to Jason Silva

  • 2011-12-20 @ 19:16:42


    10 Unconventional Insights From 3 Months in Thailand and Laos

  • 2011-09-19 @ 03:56:56

    culture shock ;) it’s a great state to be in.

    Life Experiment: An Alien on Your Own Planet

  • 2011-08-09 @ 17:35:31

    I don’t think finding neverland was trying to hard to be indie … really it’s Johnny Depp & Kate Winslet big budget and fantastic story.

    I agree with Thank you for Smoking that movie was brilliant!

    I wanna see McCabe and Mrs Miller!

    I was just so bored with Let the right one in, felt like it dragged on and I just didn’t connect with any emotion.

    25 Spectacular Movies You (Probably) Haven’t Seen

  • 2011-08-09 @ 02:14:40

    Own Spirited Away it’s sooo good and among my few material possessions.

    So happy you mentioned The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, a truly amazing unique and inspiring story.

    A few of them I haven’t seen and only one disagree with the ones I have “Let the right one in” I didn’t like it at all, not even a smidgen.

    Spring Forward / Feast of Love / Finding Neverland / Photographing Fairies
    4 more fantastic rarely heard of movies!

    25 Spectacular Movies You (Probably) Haven’t Seen

  • 2011-07-02 @ 23:48:58

    so anti-climactic, LOL! I wanna be rich bitch, I want the gold secret :)

    I stopped about 95% of the anger thing a few years back too and it was one of the best changes I made in my life. I feel bad when I see people get all worked up over things now and I’m so grateful that’s not me anymore.

    Anger is just a bad [re-action] habit … maybe we need to start a campaign to end it.

    How to Be A Modern Alchemist

  • 2011-04-16 @ 19:08:19

    I can’t wait to hear more about Reckless Bliss Followers!

    Reckless Bliss Followers: Greg Hartle – $10 and a Laptop

  • 2011-04-14 @ 19:36:37

    bravo young sir, possibly my favorite post of yours to date.

    We choose to be happy and how to react each day / situation / person / moment. It’s amazing how in one day … the same day one moment everything can seem like a complete disaster and then you shift and everything seems like blissful perfection.

    I struggle the most when choices are made for me (like the day boss or the boyfriend), it usually takes a good deal of effort to be ok with a choice that I would have made on my own … only because I was not the one to make it first.

    This Will Blow Your Mind in 60 Seconds: The Power of Choice

  • 2011-04-05 @ 19:11:04

    OK, akward, but I was reading this post on my smart phone while pissing at the day job. What does that mean?! LOL

    My desire above all is to lead a ‘high existence’ or at least a conscious growing and giving one to the best of my ability. My desire is to be happy every day and live every day awake.

    A Brief Note on Tremendous Desire

  • 2011-04-01 @ 22:29:29

    My current dilemma … I love being alone, I’m focused and know exactly what I want to do. There’s a shortage of time having to work a day job to pay the bills so I can then work at night on my own stuff. Then there’s the big dilemma … relationships …when you LOVE being alone is it possible to LOVE living with a mate? Especially if most mates/ humans in general tend to be trapped in that sickness of distraction.

    4 Reasons Why You Should Pay Attention to Your Attention

  • 2011-03-27 @ 19:38:37

    fuck me that’s GREAT!

    Amusing Ourselves to Death: Huxley vs Orwell