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  • 2011-09-17 @ 11:21:16

    Speaking of quantum physics, what do you think the chances are that there are not only twin particles (that do everything the other one does), but twin neurons? Could parts of our brain actually be bound to a super-brain somewhere out in deep space?
    Honestly, I think that’s incredibly unlikely, but possibly possible. And if it’s true, it’d be freaking awesome and would explain a LOT of weird shit, like people having epiphanies, possibly Deja Vu, and simultaneous realizations. (have you ever thought of something, told your friend, and he said he thought of or was thinking about the EXACT same thing? That’s what I mean, and it’s freaky)
    Perhaps bound neurons (or possibly just particles the neurons monitor) could explain why people often get a chill when something completely unrelated to them has happened, or when a lover or sibling is in mortal peril. THAT would be interesting.

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  • 2011-05-22 @ 11:19:17

    I’d love to do this, but it’s exam week at the school of Kratoyd and silience and group studying do not mix. I’ll definitely do this sometime afterwards, though.
    On a side note, the skies just changed from bright and blue to dark and gray, the tornado sirens are going off, and the Doppler says they’re coming straight towards me. Eek.

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