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  • 2013-06-14 @ 23:38:00

    It depends on how you take the water thing I suppose. To me it’s a metaphor for pure potential energy, which does not hesitate when it becomes time to go into motion. I also don’t have a problem with the analogy of only maintain a temporary state only because all states are only temporary by nature of impermanence.

    Also when someone truly embraces that sort of nature, the idea is to be not judging and analyzing all of the incoming information but rather observing and accepting it, and going with it. To criticize or judge others is to show a missing of the point, as it were, for the water (energy) simply IS. With the water metaphor referring to people being fluid, the water in a cup does not convince the water in a pot that cups are clearly far better and they should be transferred. A good example would be two zen Buddhists arguing over who’s humbler and more enlightened than the other.

    Either way you are right about needing a more concrete thing. ‘All paths lead to the top of the mountain’ sooner or later anyhow. I find that it was easier once realizing this state of the universe, that having some way of honoring the divine that was more concrete was necessary. So I also returned ‘to my roots’ in a way. Labels and terms make it possible for people to try and get a feel where they stand in relation to you, absolutely. Otherwise all you have are these powerfully abstract theories and revelations that you dont have the ability to convey easily or at least not to do so and be understood well.

    It is interesting to note that in many places, from Eastern philosophy to some pagan practices the ‘journey back home’ is repeated. In fact the Runes of Norse heathenism represent a personal journey, from the simple things in life, to awakening to what is outside of oneself, to the journey within and self-realization, and finally to returning back home with a different outlook and feel.

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  • 2013-06-14 @ 22:53:31

    It may not be possible to fully understand or be aware of the enormity, but it is possible to conceptualize it and explain it metaphorically to an extent. I believe ‘Nothing’ was used both as a literal interpretation of the closest thing one could describe it as, and as something very neutral in religious regards. I tend to refer to that as ‘God’, ‘Godhead’, or ‘The Void’ (the last term seems to give me an unpleasant impression which makes it not a very good descriptor for me, but that’s just what i get from the word ‘void’).

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  • 2013-06-14 @ 22:22:52

    I love the shit out of this.

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  • 2013-06-14 @ 20:34:54

    *shrugs* time and time again following this sort of synchronicity has lead me to better places in my life, and deeper places within myself. Everything I believe is derived from directly experiencing it myself, occasionally validating these experiences with the experiences of others. Some of these things were weird as fuck and no one i know can explain them in a logical fashion. To validate everything I experience by science alone, experience alone, or spiritual/religious belief alone would be tomfoolery and unfair to myself.

    I have the beliefs I have today due to the direct experiences widening my realm of possibilities. I feel like you must use all of these methods to reach a mutual understanding within yourself. I felt myself as a part of a collective, just as I am made of a collective of cells, and they a collective of atoms, and those collectives of particles. I felt how the energy in my body vibrated at specific frequencies just as a plethora of light waves blend together bouncing off my environment into my eye to make what I saw in front of me. It was far different from reading about it in a textbook but a textbook makes it verifiable, at least so far as science has come already.

    The problem I have with validating things by scientific evidence alone is that it is only capable of measuring with whatever tools we’ve managed to create so far. And since this is always advancing, indeed at a steeper and steeper curve, we continuously learn new things that we did not previously, we see further and more than before. As such a lack of evidence can be caused by two possibilities (excluding things that we are capable of studying but have not yet noticed or studied):

    1: It is not true, and will be scientifically proven false.

    2: We have not yet figured out how to measure it or study it, let alone know of it’s existence.

    As such we can only claim to understand based on what we’ve learned thus far. What we do understand from religions is many and varied, and often deals with codes of conduct and ways of living. Direct experience also, ironically, varies from person to person by nature, and skeptics and mystics are both essential to look at the world from different viewpoints in order to grasp all possible angles, right or wrong regardless. The one thing that validates MY direct experience most was science. Science taught me that at the very least, we are all made of three things: protons electrons and neutrons, not mentioning that these are made of even smaller bits, all the same materials, but because of how they are put together, everything is unique. My understanding is that the very basic deep down building block for all things is ‘energy’ in the wide and varied sense not just metaphysical (ie: electricity, ‘Chi’ or ‘Qi’, sound waves, potential and kinetic energy ect). And that last bit I have no science to back, but It is not my job to convince people I’m right: that’s my personal truth, and it’s subject to change when the universe can prove me otherwise.

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