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  • 2016-01-10 @ 12:34:10

    call me a tinfoil wearing idiot, but this looks really, really fake. Like a top quality video game graphics. I have become a skeptic of NASA and space exploration

    This Time-Lapse Footage of Earth as Seen From Space Will Expand Your Consciousness

  • 2015-11-24 @ 22:17:51

    This was definitely the mindset I had once I returned from traveling for 13 months. I just changed my perspective of my hometown and looked at it as if I was a tourist and it was a completely new place. I’ve definitely learned to appreciate being here

    Travel Where You Live

  • 2015-01-12 @ 17:36:56

    The chanting annoyed the shit out of me for the 1st couple of days. I knew that when he started chanting the meditation was almost over, but it seemed like the chants got longer & longer. After I stopped worrying about time, the chants just became funny.

    I had a lot of deep realizations during that week. I would have visions during my meditation about events in my past. My dreams were the most vivid that they’ve ever been. I would have so many dreams at night and it killed me that I couldn’t write them down.

    I kind of like the strictness of the course. Its a challenge. Can you disconnect from all distractions for 10 days and just focus inward? You’re forced to deal with nothing but yourself all day.

    After I left the class, I thought it would be a long time before I ever did another one, but I feel like I could do it again.

    100 Hours of Meditation in 10 Days — My Stay in Buddhist Prison

  • 2014-11-03 @ 09:42:28

    This came at perfect timing. Thank you.

    If You Don’t Follow Your Dreams You Might Just Get What You Deserve

  • 2014-10-29 @ 07:37:36

    I will definitely try this when I get back home.

    Make Your Own Deodorant in a Natural Non-Toxic Form

  • 2014-07-12 @ 18:04:33

    This definitely resonates with me. I have recently realized that all the people in my life right now truly are reflections of myself. Understanding this has allowed me to connect with them better instead of feeling like I am alone & can’t relate to them because they don’t understand me.

    Food For Thought From Eisenstein: Humanity’s New Story

  • 2014-07-06 @ 12:09:42

    The Gods Must be Crazy would have been a much better film if they focused only on the “bushman” part of the story rather than intertwining 3 stories into one with the love story & the guerilla warfare fighters.

    25 Spectacular Movies You (Probably) Haven’t Seen Pt. 3

  • 2014-05-23 @ 10:40:19

    I think I could live in that. Lol

    Roadtrip it right

  • 2014-04-17 @ 05:25:14

    Not even lying, I shed a tear as I read this because it resonated with me so much. Sometimes you just need that reinforcement to keep you going. This made my morning even better. Thank you.

    12 Catalysts For Discovering Your Inner Hero

  • 2014-04-15 @ 08:38:32

    This was a great post. I slowly turned my music off as I read this. Lol I think my single favorite thing to do is to sit & listen to music. I usually try to do other things as I’m listening but that takes away from my attention to the music. I think it is very necessary to slow down & to focus on one thing at a time. In doing that you can find value in everything. Thanks for the reminder.

    Why Single-Tasking is Surprisingly Sublime

  • 2014-03-06 @ 13:24:21

    I defintely plan on taking a Vipassana course. Thanks for sharing your experience. Perhaps the sentence that impacted me the most was: “Those who wait for all their problems to be solved in order to be happy will be waiting past the day they die.” I needed that reminder.

    I Meditated For 10 Days Straight… The Result Wasn’t What You Would Expect

  • 2013-07-13 @ 11:16:19

    Thank you! I will check that out

    Friedrich Nietzsche’s Guide to Conquering Your Existence

  • 2013-07-12 @ 21:48:35

    This was a great article. I want to read some of Nietzsche’s work but it would probably take me a year to finally understand the text without a translation putting it into simpler terms. Lol I definitely feel like the camel in the loneliest desert right now.

    Friedrich Nietzsche’s Guide to Conquering Your Existence

  • 2013-07-08 @ 22:26:35

    This was very enjoyable. Made me smile as I read it.

    Reaching for the Stars

  • 2013-06-21 @ 11:10:52

    Great post! I really couldn’t agree more with what you said. I did shrooms alone for the 1st time at the beginning of the year, and based off what I experienced and learned, have made so many changes to my life for the better. There can be so much more than just the recreational fun and I’m so glad you brought light to that. I want to share this with my friends who just want to “Get fucked up” Lol

    Tripping as a Tool for Self-Improvement