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Life Philosophy

Life is whatever you want it to be.

I believe in the whole big bang theory thing, it really makes sense to me that the universe is one big consciousness and that we are all connected. It makes sense since the universe is endless just like the thoughts that run in our mind constantly are endless. Maybe if more people stop being brainwashed sheep and more like individuals who think for themselves, true evolution,love and happiness would be for everyone, but that’s just my opinion lol XP

I am...

A skydreamer, I came along way from knowing nothing to expanding my mind out to the impossible, no rather i had it all along and never payed it much attention being born into a system that judges and ridicules those are think or act differently.

lol I love movies, adventuring and basically living like like there’s no tomorrow.


“There comes a time when you must do what is neither safe, popular, nor politic but what is right” – Martin Luther the king

“An eye for an eye and everyone goes blind” -Ghandi

“If you don’t know what you want, You’ll end up with alot you don’t” -Fight Club


anything that sounds good to me.

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