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    Sometimes I like the silence of a bus, and the isolation. But I’m a sort of antisocial creature sometimes, so maybe that’s why. I did go up in a bart once and give a guy a note saying how handsome he was. He smiled like a little boy and that was fun. But I like the silent contemplation sometimes, along with the isolated traveling aura. It’s a really cool feeling to be able to observe people for fun and I can’t quite do that as well when I’m talking to them. Takes too much energy. I do talk to people on the bus, but only when I feel like it. As for the woman, I agree I feel an impulse to ask her what’s up, maybe help a bit. I should. So in the end I’d say…follow your heart and opinions about what on the subway is right or wrong. But yes, sharing opinions is good. Thank you for yours. =)

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