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Life Philosophy

*Nice matters.
*Take what rings your Soul Sounds as True, and simply leave the rest.
*Be very wary of that which is presented with Fear.
*Magic is essentially the higher Understanding of Nature…Be Magical!
*There are only 2 types of beings…Those with brains, and those with brains that use them.
*”I send you nothing but Angels.”
*Freedom is the grandest gift of Love, and Love always, & all ways, seeks to give the grandest gift.
*All stuff, One thing…Change, an only constant…Transformation, an only option.

These are things I run through my Self when I move from Be to Do.

I am...

…a player with Nature(s).
…a lover of Horse-power, whether muscle on 4 legs or 4 wheels.
…an expression of Divinity.
…a strong woman-kind, content with Self, excited by Movement & Change.
…a guide, when others seek ‘another way’ of beingness.
…a Seer that Life is as a game…Shits & giggles is why I play…No less than Amazing is how I roll.


If they are worth remembering, they are probable part of my Life Philosophy.

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Love my library!!! Mary Summer Rain, Neale Donald Walsch, Rosemary Gladstar, Wayne Dyer, Tesla, Einstein, Trudeau, Llewellyn, Scott Cunningham, Lee Iacocca, Karen Andes, Gawani Pony Boy, Mariah McCain, Jamie Sams…Sooo many more, sooo much brain & heart food!!! ;D


If it makes me want to dance & sing with sensuality & a happy, it rocks with me. My Homeplace moves with a wide range of musical genres.

Film & TV

Don’t get much joy in tv these days…More commercials than shows. Love an entertaining movie, though…Avatar, Reds, The Happening, Bruce Almighty, Romancing the Stone, The Sixth Sense, The Curious Case of Benjamin Buttons, Interview with a Vampire, Powder. If it has a great twist, some giggles, & a creative story…I’m in!

YouTube is a great venue for creative & talented people, as well.

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