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  • 2013-12-29 @ 09:23:07

    Nice write, Daniel…Verrry nice, indeed! So enjoy sharing with ‘this way’ of thinking!
    No doubt, one of the greatest blocks to human eyes are their huge ‘One Way’ signs. I’ve observed that this makes them absolutely nuts when they come to the many crossroads Life opportunes. Personally, I think every place of birthing should have a large sign “Welcome! Life here is subject to Change…often w/o Notice!” :D

    My favorite comic relief is to answer the many times a day that I hear someone say “Jesus!” or “OMG!” with “Yeees?” & look them right in the eyes with a smile…or “I Am heeere!”, from another aisle entirely. The reacts are often awkward, to say the least, but giggles galore for me…hopefully, thought provoking for them. :D

    Write on, Darlin’…Rock some socks!…as often these are how many come to See they have feet to care for. Namaste’.

    Have You Heard The Good News? Why You Can Become Christ

  • 2013-11-13 @ 10:40:46

    Fabulous series, Daniel…Every piece a gem, & finished with fine clarity!

    Namaste’ :) <3

    Becoming a Bodhisatva: 4 Vows to Take on the Road to Enlightenment Pt.4

  • 2013-11-02 @ 09:22:58

    Funny…if we could have known how to deal wiser of our events…to See other than the immediate pictorial painted by those involved…What artworks we passed by!

    My expanding realm is presently in a “When it rains, it pours” state. Tinged with a recent murder, a teen suicide, deaths of all sorts, health harms of all sorts…add in motor vehicles & relationships that seem to be following suit to such moves, & Homespace left in mid put-back-together mess, to be finished when calmer times will surely come.

    At first, many may See tragedy & heart-ache, yet thru each event that tumultuously unfolded, there was urgency in re-connects, darkness in which to shine Love, with abounding senses of Understanding & Compassion softly filling the boxes of funeral homes, hospitals, rehabs, houses, & even the garage, so that griefs, confusions, rages, & frustrations could move onward swiftly & with as much smooth as possible. We simply are making good use of ‘Nice’ and thus, are creating ‘Amazing’ of the processes. Many who imagined us as different, are now Seeing different-ly…and how very nice is that! :)

    Can hardly await #4! This one was fabulous! Namaste’. <3

    Becoming a Bodhisattva: 4 Vows to Take on the Road to Enlightenment Pt.3

  • 2013-10-23 @ 05:09:19

    Andrea…Your Soul Sounds are just singing away…And your words are a fabulous song for spirited dance! Perfect! Absolutely perfect!
    Looks like the floor is getting more crowded every day, too…and isn’t it nice to be in a mosh-pit of Life-movers!

    Rock on, Beloveds! Humanity IS changing…with every beat of Our heart-drums! :D

    It’s Time To Wake Up

  • 2013-10-19 @ 07:41:41

    Daniel…Such wonderful re-minds in an easy read…look forward to the rest of the ‘vows’. :)

    Bodhisattva Vow #1: Liberate All Sentient Beings from Suffering

  • 2013-09-23 @ 08:54:47

    FABULOUS! Jordan, I Am happy for your ‘about face’ in thinking…always nice to See! :)

    I noticed a bit of Nature being presented as contrary argument in the replies. Perhaps, I can shed a tad of higher Understanding in this regard:

    1. There is no Life without Female in this realm. They produce the vehicles to get around here, and contrary to popular science, the added DNA structure of male is actually unnecessary to fine design of bod & brain…However, that little chromosome makes for enhanced connection to be continued, which is it’s true purpose in Life here. (Those exploring A-sexual genetics understand the ‘potency’ of this fact.)
    2. Male in Nature is as front-line warning & defense of Life being protected by Female. Most efficient, well-being run societies of Nature are guided, not ruled, by an Alpha Female, supported & maintained by Male & Female alike…It is Team effort…aka. Family. However, in survival mode, what Alpha says/does is as law & unquestioned in followship. A paradigm that obviously works well, because these types of societies have long-been strong, healthy, & fruitful thusfar…Those compromised by human-kind are re-emerging quickly & with wisdom gained of their on-slaughts.
    3. Male & Female are not simply body vehicle structures…They are essences of beingness. Structure is simply a way to Understand the ‘Trinity of Nature’…one + one = ONE. Human seems to be the only specie that finds difficulty in such Math. But, this is only an ego block, which, btw, is a Male-borne, fear-oriented ideology. Funny that Male in human form shows such talent in mathematics otherwise.
    4. Nature is a He/She/It/All connection. Transformation & Change are continuums. Wisdom is the only constant.
    5. “It’s All Good!”…Such is Nature’s motto. “Freedom”…It’s grandest expression of beingness.

    Anywhosits…Just observes with a morsel of knowing thrown in there. Take what rings true, and simply leave the rest…no worries. :) Stuff is shifting/changing, as usual…Blessings in the Amazing produced…Always & All ways! <3

    An Homage & Call to Women In The 21st Century

  • 2013-09-23 @ 07:00:10

    Love food for thought! And you certainly have presented some tasty munchables! Thanks!
    btw, Jordan, I was recently turned-on to your site through Collective Evolution…Excellent to have such sweets & treats to partake of, while bringing a bit my own to the tables of higher-thinkers. Thanks for this, too. :)

    ‘The Global Conversation’ has been asking a question that obviously remains unresolved:
    “How is it possible for 7 (prob now 8) billion people to all want the same things–peace, happiness, abundance, opportunity, safety, security, & love–and be unable to get it?”

    Have fun with that morsel! <3

    18 Thought Provoking Questions