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birmingham uk

Life Philosophy

live and let live… Don’t tell, show. Don’t talk, take action. Not tomorrow, today.

I am...

high on life and just appreciating the moment.. am always trying to expand and evolve myself mentally, physically and spiritually.. ive had a taste of and seen some of what the human form has the potential to do and now am on it like a car bonnet!!lol… am a martial arts and meditation freak and am currently running a community youth group teaching fitness and selfdefence as well as taking part in local charity events. feel like ive just awoken from a deep sleep and cant believe the wonder and opportunities this amazing world has to offer us.. everyday is an adventure.. i just cant wait to see what each new day will bring!! I LAV IT!! :-D


one day ur life will flash before your eyes..make sure its worth watching.

Expect nothing of no1 and u will never be let down, but beat your own expectations and you will never let yourself down..

There are only two kinds of people in this world, those who DO choose to study, practice, and perfect a martial art, thereby becoming a living weapon … and those who DO NOT, thereby becoming a living target.


sacred games, bronson, many masters many lives, same soul different bodies, celestine prophecy, 48 laws of power, mr nice, the spear of destiny, child 44, the kite runner


bob marley, jack johnson, arctic monkeys, jamie woon, nate doggg, luniz, fire light cipher, guns n roses, gorillaz, netsky, high contrast, london electricity, gregory isaac, riva starr, hip hop, funky house, reggae, drum n bass, indie..some classical…some rock u know what i just loveeeeeee music!!!!

Film & TV

planet earth, human planet, channel eden!! malcolm in the middle, simpsons, scrubs, two n a half men, friends..
300, true romance, Donnie darko, kill bill, the usual suspects, inception, crank, enter the dragon, drunken master, ong bak, fearless, ip man, the last dragon (classic!!!) talking about classics… short circuit, ferris buellers day off, golden child, rambo, commando, best of the best!! kickboxer, T1&T2, goonies, predator.., jungle book, finding nemo, toy story, shrek , monsters inc.. u know what i best stop or will go on 4eva!!! lmao