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Life Philosophy

While my life philosophy is in a perpetual state of change, I think these are my two greatest constants.

1. I’m a serious believer that there is little to take seriously.

2. We are all perfectly imperfect.

I am...

a 23 year old male living in New Hampshire. I might describe myself as 60% introverted and 40% extroverted. I love to have a good laugh, and spend time with friends and family. I love to draw and write, and for leisure I enjoy everything from backyard sports and concerts to reading and videogames. Learning about science (specifically Biology and Astrophysics) and philosophy (specifically Zen and Taoism) are two of my greater passions.


“Don’t fear God, don’t worry about death;
What is good is easy to get,
And what is terrible is easy to endure.” – Epicurus

“It obviously is important that a song be sung even though it ends, that a person live even though they die; that’s the rhythm of life” – Alan Watts