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  • 2016-05-05 @ 22:31:57

    Hmm, this video gave me a lot of good food for thought, however, some of JP’s ‘examples’ are quite ignorant – like the warrior one clip. Yoga runs deep and I’ve seen many transformations in yoga that are real and genuine, for a period of time it can be very beneficial for someone to do copious amounts of yoga. Regardless, I do believe there is a lot of substance to ‘spiritual bypassing.’ and since yoga has become so mainstream, the spiritual aesthetic has become trendy. The masses love trendy and the masses will always remain the globular humanity that the conscious individual strives to transcend. As soon as everybody is doing it, ‘it’ loses it’s esoteric value.
    A lot of yoga and spiritual practices are being abused by capitalism and misunderstood and misused largely because of the severe lack of reverence that was developed with these practices when they arose so many centuries ago. Eclecticism is the spirituality of America, for better or for worse. Thank you JP for pointing some of us to our spiritual egotism. True spirituality is an experience that doesn’t depend on any expression.

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