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Are We The Creator Gods Of The Gods We Believe Created Us?

I wonder, are the gods we credit with creating the universe actually the result of our shared human tendency to anthropomorphize good and evil? We have intent and motivation behind our actions and...

Hey, I love you!

Just wanted to remind you that someone appreciates you and cares about you, you might not always be able to see it or even feel it but that someone is always there. <3

In response to meditation techniques

Cutting down | Existence Hello, I wrote the above blog post in response to the recent HE article about easy meditation. I wondered...

Gospel of Thomas – Christianity meets truth

Hello, fellow friends! Many of you might already have heard of the Gospel of Thomas, but for those of you who haven’t i Thought I’d compile some quite interesting chapters. The Gospel of...

You either quit or adapt.

OVer the past year I have gone under some extreme stresses, pretty much anything imaginable has run through my head at one point or another. Am I going to die? Am I going to go crazy? Will my...