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  • 2011-08-28 @ 18:59:23

    What about drug addicts.. or gamblers.. or extreme risk takers.. all forms of addiction I suppose.. but they don’t avoid pain for pleasure

    HE Life Lesson #1: Love or Fear

  • 2011-08-25 @ 23:10:37

    I like thinking about what is black and white in our existence.. This is an interesting statement to me.. Initianlly I want to say it can’t because there always seems to be a spectrum of choices .. but.. If I agree with the statement couldn’t I say that all of those choices are steming from either love or fear.. what about the power of hate?? Is that just a byproduct of fear..? always..?

    HE Life Lesson #1: Love or Fear

  • 2011-08-21 @ 23:42:00

    well said my friend.. that rings very true to me

    What is Love? Swami Giten Speaks