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Far Far Away


If I write here where I study then people might actually stereotype me into what opinions I have

Life Philosophy

I don’t know
Nobody knows the meaning of life
At least I’m honest

I like to try things and maybe cherish or regret it
Whatever decision I make will either fall into good or be it a mistake still fall into good
One thing I can say is that I am always positive (even at the worst things)

I am...

I am studying Architecture
My parents made me do it

There was this one night when I had a fight with my dad and I broke my wrist and since then drawing and writing was difficult
Though I had always been skateboarding and falling every once in a while and hurting my wrists, I have never had in mind that I should stop skating because it poses a threat to my studies
And instead of a high-risk hobby to ruin my health, it was my dad who made things worse
He and my mom wanted me to study Architecture and then this happened
I don’t blame him and I am not mad at him
It was an accident
I still want to become a successful Architect so that my parents will be proud of me

I know that they are hurt when they see me struggle
But I don’t want them to feel down
They once told me to just stop if I couldn’t handle it anymore
But I still believe that I can get through this


I don’t care


I only read non-fiction


anything loud

Film & TV

I don’t watch TV