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25th frame

I just stumbled upon an ad for some weight loss program that uses the 25th frame and it just got me thinking: is it true? Is it effective?

Chakras and how to clear/open them?

I would like to know your idea of chakras and if you’ve ever tried clearing them or opening them. I’m asking this because yesterday I took an online chakra test (just out of curiosity) and...

The scariest moment of your life

I don’t know why but I’ve been thinking about it all day. I came to a conclusion that the scariest moment for me was when I heard our vet say that my furry little baby Migdet (you have no...

To the HEthen men

Was just wondering how many of you like chubby women and how many skinny?

How is everyone’s cold shower challenge going?

How do you feel in general? I’ve noticed that besides feeling very invigorated I’ve become happier. I used to get depressed and was very depressed before I started the challenge. Maybe 2-3...

The 5 Tibetan Rites.

Hey guys! I’ve been doing the 5 rites for roughly a month now. I’ve been doing what this guy is doing here:...

Ankle bone divination

Hey all! I’m very much interested in learning all about ankle bone divination. I would appreciate any kind of information on the matter. Also, if there’s any one who’s into tarot,...