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  • 2013-06-21 @ 06:10:52

    You have to be warned if you still have emotional problems to deal with. I still had to deal with the pain from my mother, as she cried her heart out the day before I took shrooms (probably about 30 years of unresolved emotions). I was somehow able to experience the fear from my mom (which was a fear that I haven’t experienced myself), which resulted in a psychosis. Luckily I was able to resolve most stress from the psychosis myself and am now stable (took over 3 weeks of non stop yoga/relaxing/meditating and 10 pieces of Oxazepam).

    So be careful if you don’t feel emotional stable/confident.
    Even though I am way more stronger now, it could have take years of recovery if I did not have the tools and knowledge to deal with it.

    Tripping as a Tool for Self-Improvement

  • 2012-07-31 @ 20:37:31

    Yes, maybe it’s some sort of defence. But I’ll be there if people ask, but so far the people I know and tried to help are just stuck in their own beliefs and left-side thinking. I will help when it’s really needed, but so far no one really wondered how I do it.

    Spoiler Alert: You Do Not Exist

  • 2012-05-19 @ 09:44:49

    Yes well I think I have lost the dream and somehow I am not in the “HighExistence” anymore. I know how it feels like, but the self illusion returned. I think finding the solution for other people was my meditation.

    Spoiler Alert: You Do Not Exist

  • 2012-05-09 @ 08:26:04

    I’m always glad to see that there are other people with this high self-awareness.
    The higher you fly, the lonelier it gets.

    The article did not impact me somehow though. I think this is because I am already living in this “freedom”. I have also struggled with the possibility to free people’s minds, but I have not found a concrete solution though.

    I made up this motto today:
    “I will not help the ignorant, because they do not need my help. It does not make me sad, because they have a life worth dieing for. I will not help the ones who suffer, because they will not understand. It does not make me sad, because I will inspire and know that those who are affected, will have a great life.”

    But maybe I should reconsider it.

    Spoiler Alert: You Do Not Exist