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At 19, I am still very young and I am completely aware of this but I also feel that I am on a path towards enlightenment/understanding/happiness/etc. This really began my second semester of college which really wasn’t that long ago so I still have a lot to figure out, but I have a start with a couple of things I will list a few below which will probably be added to or changed in the future.

Evolution: I think that with every passing second we are experiencing evolution. Some, not most, of it isn’t necessarily capable of being sensed, especially by individuals who do not take the time to consider it. This evolution thought applies to subjects beyond biology, including psychology (which I consider part of biology), religion/belief, etc.

Perception: I’ve come to realize that the way we see things, both literally and metaphorically, is directly subject to our brain chemistry. This helps explain some of the lasting psychological effects of drugs and alcohol. I’m particularly interested on how the mind works while under the influences of these substances and have been studying these effects first hand. I have to say that my use of drugs in particular are what have opened up my mind.

Oneness: I feel that I understand that everything came from a single point of energy, The Big Bang. I feel also that that will also be how everything will come to an “end,” by collapsing in on itself back to a single point. Whether this will lead to another Big Bang or nearly be the end, we will never know, because we will not be there. This also opens up the idea that there could have been similar big bangs before the one that created our universe.

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a thinker, a musician, a writer, a reader, an artist, a friend, in pursuit of happiness.


“There is no elevator to success, only stairs.”

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