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Life Philosophy

I do what I want and follow my dreams. Yet I’m a live underdog and pursue a life in the shadow of other peoples wishes. I think it’s important to help others and make their everyday easier.
I live by the rules of RuPaul and her gang of beautiful men – it’s silly but their way of living burnt straight through me.

I am...

…a very creative spirit and dream of a life with lots of beautiful moments to inspire me even more. Also I’m very much in love with most things grotesque and baroque – in a non-gothic-way.


“Ceci n’est pas une pipe” – Magritte
“If in doubt – freak them out” Sharon Needles
“If you can’t love yourself – how the hell you gonna love somebody else” – RuPaul
“Water off a ducks back” Jinxx Monsoon
“Follow that white rabbit” -The Matrix


Anytning lounge: Hotel CĂ´stes, Zero 7, Little Dragon…
Anything Kimbra: Vows, The Golden Echo…
Anything RuPaul: Peanutbutter, Sissy that walk, Glamazon…

Film & TV

The Matrix, American Beauty, Alice in Wonderland, The Lovely Bones, Doctor Who…

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