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Friends with benefits

Are you referring to the females, Ellie? hahah and EastSigheder, that’s also very true. You truly need to be compatible with the experience in addition to a compatible partner. guess it just depends...

What’s your password?

Not intentionally for my or others’ hacking purposes!, but just wondering what characteristics people chose to enter their alternative lives on the internet. It could even be a personal document...

Roses are red

Roses are red, my nails are blue, they like to inhale lacquer, ‘cuz sadness leaves nothing else to do. hahah i entreat anyone to feel free to contribute to this chain of Roses are red Poems. It...

Tis the season yall

Hope you guys can acquire some Christmas spirit through this song. I sure did


I’m sorry if this offends some in any way, but I am curious if people like this or not. I guess its pretty personal, but what hasn’t been mentioned HEre? You don’t have to provide an...