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14 Gems of Life Advice That the Herd is too Afraid to Follow

Learn the 14 pieces of life advice you'd never hear in church.

Mikey D

Yaybahar 2 – practice at seaside

After introducing Yaybahar here Görkem Şen (creator of Yaybahar) releases the second video, improvisations at seaside.

A radical experiment in empathy

By leading the Americans in his audience step by step through the thought process, sociologist Sam Richards sets an extraordinary challenge: can they understand — not approve of, but understand...

Afroman – “Because I Got High” Positive Remix

Watch the positive new take on the classic track “Because I Got High” by Afroman in collaboration with Weedmaps and NORML. Keep an eye out for other ways that weed promotes positivity....

Earthships: self-sustaining homes for a post-apocalyptic US?

Comments from the original posting of the video: On the desert mesa of New Mexico, miles from the nearest town of Taos (pop. 5,700),...

Waking Infinity Ep 1

Further details can be found at our website, Support us to continue our work by donating via

Kevin Smith: Why vs Why Not

A most unexpectedly inspiring 4 minutes.

So, you want to be a writer? — Charles Bukowski

“Visual” project for a Beat literature class. “So you want to be a writer?” by Charles Bukowski Read by Tom O’Bedlam (thanks SBD) Music ©Firstcom

Don’t Date a Girl Who Travels

Based on the story by Adi Zarsadias Instagram: @lovethesearch Never date a girl who travels unless you can keep up with her. And if...


Download now on iTunes: Hopsin Produced by Hopsin Directed by Hopsin Funk...