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Change your paradigm to change your life

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My name is alexander, My goal is to create a new paradigm for myself to change myself, so I can help other people realising there lifegoals, What I’m doing right now simply said, is changing my habbits, let old habbits go and creating new habbits, I have to say that this is the hardest thing I ever have done in my life, But it is totally worh it without a doubt.

So creating a new paradigm :D So exiting


Life is constant evolution of energie, there is no sealing, it goes on forever

Film & TV

1 The secret, The mantra secret (The secret 2), 2 ParadigmShift training 1,2,3,
3 11 Forgotten laws 4 Einstein 5 Napoleon hill 6 affirmations to change my life into what I do want 7 Margaret. M Lynch (Tapping) 8 I don’t what’s television anymore, because most off the things you see on television are negative or in other words what I don’t want.

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