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  • 2012-10-30 @ 00:14:50

    I guess the difficulty with this question is the order. It needs friends and relations first…selflove and trust follows. Only when one notices, that ones opinions/thoughts have a value in collective decision making, one can construct and strengthen his/her own self. The saying “one must first love oneself before being able to love others” might lack an important point: that one must experience love of others to love oneself. Strong self-relation is first being created by the love of the primary caregiver, later by interacting with playmates and finally by the appreciation of your opinion by society/family/friends. The state can never be archived but needs constant renewal, only given by strong, lasting relations within love or friendship.
    It´s a vicious circle.

    There Is No U In Love

  • 2012-10-29 @ 23:53:02

    Good one there. Thank you!
    I have been thinking about this for quite a while and these thoughts enhance my intuition.

    Does not “to (truly) love” mean to realize, that something/someone is as real as oneself?
    I think love can lift us to a higher state, a state enabling us to truly emphasize and understand each other (and i mean not just the loved one). And is not emphasizing the only thing needed to respect each other? I guess the lack of respect (towards culture, believe, opinion) is the root for several, if not all, problems in the contemporary world (not to say in entire history).
    In times of egocentrism and acceleration, where things (and relationships) are rather being thrown away than being fixed; where acting, reacting and economizing only serve to generate profit for the “me”, the “I”, love can give us a stable constant. It might teach us to behave not only for our own good, but for the good of others, eventually even resulting in something good for oneself. We might be able to follow thoughts and ideas longer than the instant of a second and over the frontier of cynical or ideological irrationalism. The gained patience might lets us grow something own and fundamental within us, something so strong to inspire the people around us, rather than preaching ones opinion through radical and violent acts.
    I often get called conservative. Its sad to live in a time where this is counted as an argument.

    There Is No U In Love