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bali, indonesia

Life Philosophy

Always look for signs and feelings that are guiding you in the right direction. pay attention to the details. remember that we are existing in infinity and that we are all actors on a stage. Sometimes the role you get is great and other times not so. Sometimes you are the statue and sometimes you are bird. There is no good or bad, there just is. joy is everywhere. human drama cannot be avoided, for we are human (now). Pray and intend to have what you want and you will get it.

I am...

Living in Bali. I love it here, so peaceful and warm. The people are beautiful and I love their hindu ceremonies.
I recently left Macau, China. where I lived for 19mnths. I was working there for a big corporate spectacular show called the ‘house of dancing water’ I got used as a scape goat and was fired for something rediculous. However, As per my life philosophy, I was unhappy there and really wanted to leave…lol. guess what now I’m living in paradise, getting my scuba certificates, surfing, hanging out at waterfalls and meeting awesome people. I win!


‘I’ll be back’ just kidding I’ll get back to that.



the never ending story


Tool, jamie morrison, cat stevens, john buttler trio, missy higgins, led zepplin, eric clapton, bob marley, the doors, midnight oil, wolfmother

Film & TV

pulp fiction, what the bleep do we know, shawshank redemption, tangled(shutup), the lion king, alladin, pootie tang, hot rod, teen wolf, the list is soooooooo long……..

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