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  • 2013-05-03 @ 10:20:02

    That’s how I feel when I meditate

    Stay Tuned

  • 2013-04-22 @ 10:09:24

    I love MUSE. This video went perfectly with the song.

    MUSE / EXOGENESIS PART 3 (REDEMPTION) 鉄拳「振り子」ver. (Official)

  • 2013-04-20 @ 06:43:03

    Lol Jordan. You’re the best.

    Dalai Dub

  • 2013-04-20 @ 06:40:05

    Thank you for commenting that. I literally felt a burst of kundalini as I read and contemplated what you commented.

    Who watches the watcher, is watching this.

  • 2013-03-06 @ 00:27:57

    Amazing shroom experience. I’ve never tried leaving the physical realm while on shrooms. However even when I practice meditation sober I see the colors you speak of. The farthest I’ve gotten was when I was high I had my eyes closed and the dark behind my eyelids became bright!

    Everything was still color but I noticed changing patterns that disappeared into the bottom of my vision. As I focused on these patterns they became more clear to me. I was flying over these majestic heavenly palaces but all too fast. I couldn’t tell if it was heaven, I couldn’t tell if I was in another dimension. I just couldn’t tell where I was but I was loving it. I had a very grateful spirit while experiencing that.

    In conclusion.

    Weed: Opens the door
    Shrooms: Blows that door off the hinges ;]

    Touching Infinity

  • 2013-02-28 @ 22:33:51

    It’s like spiritual sex. It coincides with the latest article if you read it. Direct correlation lol.

    Out Of Body Experience: A Powerfully Beautiful Story

    Amazing lol. I’m so down for some spirit sex. With a lady spirit.

    Akua Naru-Poetry how does it feel

  • 2013-02-28 @ 18:54:18

    Perceiving Reality

  • 2013-02-28 @ 18:53:56

    Perceiving Reality

  • 2013-02-28 @ 18:46:05

    Great video. Thank you chris.

    Perceiving Reality

  • 2013-02-25 @ 22:12:07

    Hella Love Vibes. I feel like I’m ready because I get tears of joy with each article I read on this.

    Out Of Body Experience: A Powerfully Beautiful Story

  • 2013-02-22 @ 00:25:54

    I’d rather not be reincarnated as a tree lol! Jk really. That’s a really cool concept.

    So which would you prefer; leaving behind a tree or a tombstone?

  • 2013-02-22 @ 00:17:18

    Everybody Panic!

    “The 11th Round”: A Revealing Parable On Our Money System

  • 2013-02-22 @ 00:05:56

    I literally stopped watching because I didn’t know like 10 of the words he was using. I don’t work anyway. Fun is my business. Business is good.

    Workers of the world… Relax!

  • 2013-02-21 @ 21:04:00

    So there is no spirituality? What of the Third Eye and Astral Projecting in meditation practices? Or does that go against the practicality of Zen.

    Look Into Your Mind

  • 2013-02-04 @ 08:17:21

    It’s a paradox :p

    The End-All Productivity/Meditation Technique