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Christianity and the Minds Eye

Hello beautiful Creatures, Are there any Christians in the HE community who have opened their Third Eye? Can you explain the experience? Are there any Christians in the HE community who believe...

Indigo Child

Does anybody know anything about the Indigo Children?

Get me off deez meds!

I’m on 100mg zoloft and I really really need to get off of them. They mess me up. So I came to the wisest folks on the net for a solution. ;) So your first instinct might be to suggest going to...

What is your belief?

* Caution this thread will self distruct if anyone tries to push their perspective on anybody * What is your belief? This dicussion is intended on sharing what your beliefs are. Maybe you can inspire...

Oh No!

Lol good or bad? What do you guys think.


Hey my friends. To whoever finds themselves on the same spiritual path that I am on: I’ve been meditating for a little under 6 months now. I’ve found that a couple of my chakras are...

Make your email work with you!

Challenge: 1: Open your email account(s) and delete everything. 2: When a new email comes in, do the following; a. If you like it. Keep it. b. If you dislike it do the following; * Open the email and...

Pain can be pleasure I highly encourage you to check this link out. This website is full of life hacks.


Friends, allow me to tell you the story of a character named Lovinhood. Unlike his ancestor Robinhood, Lovinhood refuses to steal from the rich. In fact lovin hood tries his best to remain unnoticed...

Do not track me.

My friend pointed me to this free web app that keeps spammers, identity thiefs and other kinds of sites from tracking you. ENJOY!