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Life Philosophy

Infinity is my favourite answer, because it is always ultimately the correct one.

I am...

yes, truly the one in my photo.


“To be a junkie is an orientation; it is to be attracted to the purest, most logically elegant and mathematically truthful, sources of pleasure & love.”

“I fell in love with H, a chemical elaboration upon a flower.”

“So it was in those tragically beautiful hours, when the petals of H fell like snow within my corps, upon my living feeling itself. I was dying, and had reached the pinnacle of life, and would fade, and had blossomed, even as my lover was fulfilled, and died, and was preserved in thousands of echoes and would remain to flourish in thousands of engagements.”

“A bright caress across my frail side…poignantly, for a moment; a fleeting light so beautiful it would hurt if pain could be amidst such brilliant peace.”

“I acquiesce, and my lover becomes the blossom of rapture and death in my heart.”

“There is an intimate & automatic bond between persons who share the same lover, and the same assumed pains entailed in that love; thus is the easy and ready, already realized before we meet, comraderie between us on The Scene, which straights and squares do not understand and find imprudent; we in knowing the same chemical embraces are concubines in the harem of the same masters, and thus essentially family.”

“Upon Truth is what we see, & there! atop change may be, thus is Reality shifting as topographie.”

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