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  • 2012-08-27 @ 14:36:17

    Totally fair. I just wanted to make sure you saw all the options there. =)

    An Homage & Call to Women In The 21st Century

  • 2012-08-26 @ 20:21:44

    A woman invented the windshield wipers on cars. For most of us this isn’t a daily use, but you have to admit, driving really would be impossible without them on rainy days.
    In any case, I appreciate that you think there needs to be a balance, and I’d say you are correct in that. However, what is “natural” is never a pure binary, as you suggest. As a woman and a human being, yes, I would like a man to pay for things now and then, if I were in fact dating a man. Ideally, it should be split evenly between both people in the relationship, regardless of the genders of those people. Women are just as guilty of perpetuating the system as men are. But I think you will find, if you broaden your horizons, that there are very strong masculine women, as well as very weak and feminine women, and the same goes for men. Nature is never just black and white. To go with your ying and yang example, I think you should try harder not to see just their opposites, but also see their curve in relation to one another, and how one is also inside and a part of the other. Think about that metaphor for awhile, and maybe you’ll reach a more revised opinion on the way the world works.

    An Homage & Call to Women In The 21st Century

  • 2012-08-26 @ 20:29:42

    Thanks for writing this! I always appreciate attempts to alert others to the inequalities within the sex and gender binaries. I personally don’t believe these binaries really exist in nature, and that they are pure social construction. It would be nice to see them deconstructed for a change. My only real problem with this article is that you didn’t mention how much inequality there is towards men within this system. You guys get just as screwed over by the system as we women do! Hopefully someday just as much attention will be paid to men’s issues as women’s issues. We are all human, and we’re all in this together. =)

    An Homage & Call to Women In The 21st Century

  • 2012-06-05 @ 06:38:27

    Fantastic article! I can’t wait to read parts two and three! =)

    How We Can (Actually) Change The World – Pt. 1/3

  • 2012-04-04 @ 20:38:06

    I cannot recommend There Will Be Blood highly enough! Also, Brick was really amazing. Not such a huge fan of Romeo and Juliet, but I will have to check out the rest soon!

    25 Spectacular Movies You (Probably) Haven’t Seen Pt. 2

  • 2012-03-23 @ 12:03:26

    It’s sort of amusing that when they teach you about that study in learned helplessness in psychology, they fail to mention that our entire society is based on such learning. Great post! I will have to check out more of those precepts.

    The Non-Conformist Samurai & A Cage Full Of Monkeys

  • 2012-03-16 @ 11:45:38

    Thanks for writing this! I was already checking out teaching English for a year in either Chile or Thailand, and you’ve just given me even more of a reason to apply for these positions. What you’re doing is wonderful, and it’s nice to know that you’ve been able to touch so many lives. Keep doing what you’re doing!

    6 Reasons Why YOU Should Consider Teaching English Abroad (& How To Do It)

  • 2012-03-06 @ 16:34:52

    This is a great post. I feel fortunate in that I’ve been told this in some condensed form or another off and on my entire life. While it didn’t free me from being swallowed up by ideologies every now and then, it did let me know the importance of thinking for myself. It’s nice to see this so expanded upon and explained in detail. Thank you for sharing, and keep up the great work!

    The Quest for Autonomy: Nobody Is Smarter Than You Are

  • 2012-02-28 @ 12:23:05

    For someone who’s never heard about Godels Incompleteness Theorems before today, this was awesome! Reminds me a bit of the principles behind the mobius strip. I will have to do some more research after I get my thesis chapter written today. Thanks for posting this!

    GÖD, Emergence, Life

  • 2012-02-23 @ 14:39:03

    This is absolutely beautiful!

    Ancestral Knowledge: An Epic Graphic Story of the Origins of Existence

  • 2012-01-18 @ 18:44:54

    I should start doing this on my morning walks. Maybe I’ll be able to learn some German before I show up to Austria and Germany this summer. Great idea! =) I’ve always been a fan of audiobooks, so no reason why I can’t start learning something other than memorizing poetry!

    How to Learn & Enjoy Life More: The Power of Audio Learning

  • 2012-01-09 @ 21:01:22

    I love the diversity of this. Completely inspiring and wonderful. Thank you! =)

    Imagine a World

  • 2011-12-16 @ 13:10:10

    @Alex: Thank you! I had thought about most of that. I’m not going in entirely blind, and I’ve been to Europe before. I just don’t have plans for where I’m staying or when I’m going to be where. Thank you for reminding me that I need to bring electrical converters though! I almost forgot about that one. =) I’m sure my parents will be ok with it all in the end. My mother just tends to worry a lot. Thank you for all the advice though! =)

    10 Unconventional Insights From 3 Months in Thailand and Laos

  • 2011-12-14 @ 14:23:22

    By the looks of things, you had an amazing trip! =) I’m heading to Europe for a few weeks this summer, and I am hoping not to do a lot of planning ahead of time, much to my mother’s dismay. If you have any tips for reassuring overly protective parents, please send them my way!

    10 Unconventional Insights From 3 Months in Thailand and Laos