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How can I contact Willa Holland??

Just being myself; all entranced by yet another unique projection Open to any suggestion!

What alternative news sources do you follow?

I’m seeking to expand my knowledge base. I currently use: – – – (mainstream I know, but I like to know what it is the plebeian masses are...

Looking for quick dose of inspiration?

Scroll through this blog and take in the potent beauty it projects Appreciation to @tangledupinplaid21 Now I’m going to go take a walk in the woods :)

Beginner building a website

I plan to use photoshop for the design/interface. Any suggestions on where one should start to program the site? I have next to no prior knowledge on the subject. Thanks!

Seeking the skills of a web programmer

Out of curiosity, how much work is involved in creating a website, say for example. I’m speaking of work hours coding. Creating the graphics aside.

Getting paid to write for blogs??

Any of you heathens do this?

Converting a photoshop webpage layout to html5…?

Is html5 what one should use? Any help is appreciated :)

I'm in search of a drug that bestows similar effects of a ciggarette

I smoke a little bit of clove cigarrettes every now and then to get the head buzz; head rush. I hate how the feeling dissipates within minutes after. Any of you know of a drug that will give me...

Nietzsche –> The Birth of Tragedy + The Use and Abuse of History + Deleuze

Please draw out for me, Nietzsche’s notion “Art has the opposite effect to history; and only perhaps, if history suffers transformation into a pure work of art can it preserve instincts or...

A theory that states that upon repetition 'x' becomes dull.

If there is a theory, or principle, that states something along the lines of my topic title, could you please direct me to it. THanks!

Why can one only edit their post 'x' amount of times?

Apparently high existence doesn’t believe in fourth chances… Fix this please!

A Peek Behind the Curtain

I have gone too far and ‘looked behind the curtain’, so to speak; what I am left with is meaninglessness. I am not here speaking of a paradigm shift to adherence of some form of nihilism....

Sartre's refutation of Freudian theory in "The Transcendence of the Ego"

How does Sartre’s notion of the Ego, as present in the two faces of the ‘I’ and the ‘Me’ (with respect to the three orders of consciousness, as well as unreflected and...