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  • 2012-12-13 @ 16:37:43

    Just what I needed mate some one to up the ante! Keep it up!!

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  • 2012-11-03 @ 16:24:19

    @Partisan good point. Love is a choice and not a feeling or instinct in my opinion.

    I like this post but I don’t think that all supernormal stimuli has to be negative. When it comes to advertising products much of the time it is. Also much of the distractions like Facebook and sitcoms can be negative or misleading supernormal stimuli. I think that humans with free choice can choose what they believe and can also choose to use certain supernormal stimuli to make them selves better and stronger. For example we have superheros and supermodels we aspire to be and to mate with. While we may never accomplish these goals it is incentive and motivation to improve ones life…

    Why You Need to Learn to See the Supernormal Before You Can Silence Your Inner Reptile