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  • 2012-05-19 @ 03:08:15

    Jesus Christ that was good!!! I read this very slowly so I can get everything. Truly a superb article. If anyone is dying to break the norms society has put forth, this is the article to read. Thanks Martijn :))))

    Turning The Problem Around: Mental Health In A Sick Society

  • 2012-05-17 @ 22:27:38

    This is so true. I have thought about this too. We always selfishly think of things from our perspective. It’s hard to think of things from other’s perspectives. I have acted like a complete douche with my mom and then I realize my mistake but it’s always too late. I have hurt her already. I need to get better at thinking about saying stuff before I say it lol


    An Experiment in Empathy: 7 Journeys Into the Minds of Others

  • 2012-01-25 @ 22:23:13

    This is absolutely great. I have been bashing myself with some thoughts and this has answered a lot of the questions that were lurking in my head. You are awesome man :)

    How To Transcend Duality And Think Within Paradoxes