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Life Philosophy

I believe we are all connected at Source and whatever you do, even the the smallest thing, affects the universe in ways we don’t always understand. I believe that everyone is psychic and intuitive and can tap into that power with practice. I believe that we all have Guides who observe us and offer their direction so that we can live a more fulfilling life even though we don’t always listen to them. Finally, I believe that everything stems from Love and you should lead your life so as to become someone worthy of it in return.

I am...

My wife, Linda, and I are owners of a #1 Google page-ranked membership site with a worldwide audience. We are intuitive mediums who work as a team with individuals, groups, investors, and businesses to help them gain clarity on issues that may be holding them back. We also help people get in touch with their own Guides. In addition to personal readings, we publish the CR News Reports(c) … the “News Before It Happens” … where we bring through predictions and commentary on 14 different topics monthly. We are the only psychics in the world who have every prediction notarized for content and date going back years and have a track record of predictions….the CR Greatest Hits(c) where we post predictions that came true along with links to the news reports after they happened.


1. “Good Judgment comes from Experience; and Experience comes from Poor Judgment.”

2. “Everyone has struggles in their life, but everyone also has a contribution to make. Hopefully, your contribution will help others through their struggles.”

3. “A great relationship requires finding and being the right person.”

4. “You are not here to do something…you are here to become something.”

5. “Always do the right thing…especially when nobody’s looking.”

6. “Just because you don’t believe in something doesn’t mean it’s not true.”

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