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Life Philosophy

In oder to think, first one must learn how to think, not what to think….
Recently my life philosophy is in a constant, majestic, quest for some form of gratifying, simple rule of conduct that is the foundation of what life is SPOUSE to be like in the minds, body’s, and soul’s utopia connection to that is here, there, was, is to be, and what can be.. the whole of everything, captured in a bubble with no defined confinement of a bubble.. that is the univerise.
For many years, i would hold the question “what is the purpose of life” close to my heart, and unknowing answer, as the answer for how i conducted or approached life, and events forthcoming. With truthfully never excepting what exactly the depths or importance and knowledge of begging to look for the answers which truly bring with, a guidance or way of life… A pretend upper-knowledge or fake higher self worth threw believing i could see things or signs that most do not… In holing myself to a higher self consciounccious, that was more of just an idea, rather than the knowing… I find myself not knowing how to live.. AT ALL. I am at a crossroad that is a huge personal desscions of learning all i can of this awaken state and the power it would mean if I jumped “ALL-IN”. I am so in-tune with this awakened knowledge, that i find myself not need all or even many details of certain truths in this world, that just the thought or idea, allows my mind to cover all possible paths, outcomes, abilities, desires, and motovations that complex the creation anf function of such things. I’m begging to see the patterns of humanity, that make it rather easy to follow the importance of actions or events, that leed, or laid to the next. I have been shown ways, people, places, ideas, concepts that lead to a overwhelming connection to many many many things going on in my head, and past art, thoughts and writing.
Anyways I used to think the purpose of life was to simply die. By completing life and ending in death your purpose was completed. the only fact that is true for every life, is the connection of certain, eventual death, or ending to a lifes spans. therefull for-filling that bodied, creature-ed, plant-onic, or oceanonic… etc circle of life. And what you do with the breaths of “time” doesnt change the big ending “purpose” for lifes cycle to continue.. just might, would solely be biasied and opionioniated views and concepts that enrich the colorful question, threw cultures, envirorments, era or generation, and even spicies, of success in a unkown purpose.. For if you where to ask the same question threw out the history of earth, ohh how different and vast the range of answers would be. besides death….
however, Ive recently pushed that possible philosophy aside for a rather quite reversied philosophy purpose for life… That is in which to EXPAND. To expand that is what we confine what we know life is, is to be, and what life CAN BE. for us Humans, we are quite different for any other species on earth. We are the only ones with the ability to surive or destroy ways of life. So i ask myself what is the adtrobute of a human that seperates us, and gives us this power… the ability to make desccions,? the evoloution of technology? the physical traits? ability to communicate or create means to communicate? the abillitiy to built and and grow concepts? Love? Hate? Greed? Envy? The belief in religion?….. none of these are the answer to what holds the key to a humans ultimite power and ability…. well some are actually the greatest flaws in humans, that in which is, emotions.. Emotions altar vast and impact choiceful dessicions threw factors other than deciding in the actual momrent of right “here and now” …
blah blha any ways the greats gift.. and one i love to strengthen. the humans ability to enterain a thought, idea, or concept with ALL possibile paths, means, outcomes, and truibulations. just like the stars above, is the human brain, and outcomes of most thoughts and questions… enifintie on a gyro scale.

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1984, wheres waldo, dr sesus. I wonder is Horton really does hear who.


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a collection of intersting truths or at least pointing of finger at questionable questions of what truth is or can be..