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Why I Have Felt Angry, Sad, and Lonely For Most Of My Life

The intention of this video is to shed light on why so many people today feel anxious, hopeless, depressed, or angry.

Doodling in Math: Spirals, Fibonacci, and Being a Plant

Just listen and get carried away with the reverberating whispers of a human voice.

Sam Harris- Human Values

"Values reduce to facts about the well-being of conscious creatures."-Sam Harris

The most important person in the world

Spanish with subtitles, but i think is worth it

Updating Philosophies

Inspiring video about Cern, an artist living and working in Brooklyn, New York and his philosophies about art and life

CARL SAGAN – A Way of Thinking

"Science is more than a body of knowledge, it's a way of thinking."-Carl Sagan

The Emperor’s New Clothes Trailer – A Russell Brand Film

A polemical documentary about the financial crisis and gross inequality we currently face.

365 grateful project | Hailey Bartholomew | TEDxQUT

A year long photography project to find gratitude everyday.


A cinematic documentary passage through the annual Burning Man Festival.