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TIme Travel?

Do you think time travel is possible?

Has anyone tried the binaural beats?

I have tried tons of them from different companies and downloads, but I can’t seem to get the effects described by I-doser. Has anyone else done these, and if so, what are your experiences with...

What little things do you love?

– the sound of the trash being emptied on my Mac – warm clothes out of the dryer – the first song I listen to in the morning when my ears are still fresh – blowing smoke rings...

The Story of Stuff

just saw it in my sociology class and found it quite interesting. thought you guys might too.

TED Talk Discussion Group

We live in the era of information, everything you want to know, from making an atomic bomb to LSD or how to give a girl an orgasm in 23 different ways is on the interwebs. New media, like youtube and...


Who or what has inspired you so much that you literally changed your life? For me, its the sloths, they teached me you can be really lazy and sleepy bit still damn cute:

Hey it’s me

I am a 21 year-old studying film at the University of Colorado at Boulder, but you probably knew that. Just by looking at me you would say, "Hey who’s that handsome idiot?" I would...

Quiting Smoking On Monday!

Hello New Friend! My sister and i have a bet that she can’t quit smoking. i told her i would ask around and put together the best ways of quiting and then she has to pick one on monday and stick...

Enjoy Love?

My last post got deleted, I’m not trying to be some spammer or something just honestly looking for more people to read my writing…

Where are you from?

Who knows, maybe you’ll find someone cool that lives right near you. I’m from Southern California — Fullerton to be specific.