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  • 2012-03-01 @ 22:19:35

    I think this was the Buddha’s true mission. Itai Doshin –

    Why You Meditate For Others

  • 2012-02-29 @ 13:05:17

    Thanks Josh. You are lucky to have had a class that even mentioned it. My AP Physics teacher probably had never heard of it, and even if he did, he probably wouldn’t have understood it haha.

    GÖD, Emergence, Life

  • 2012-02-29 @ 13:03:46

    Thanks vishnu, did you notice that GÖD, Emergence, Life = GODEL

    GÖD, Emergence, Life

  • 2012-02-28 @ 15:48:42

    Nick, what’s the percent chance that you wish to have a lucid dream and actually do?

    Advanced Lucid Dreaming Techniques

  • 2012-02-28 @ 15:42:37

    Thanks Megan. One of my goals was trying to express an abstract concept very simply to a large number of people who had never heard of this before. I feel like most people don’t understand the true essence of the Theorems.

    GÖD, Emergence, Life

  • 2012-02-28 @ 15:39:38

    Agreed, it’s an extremely undervalued theorem that very few people know about. I actually decided to write about it when my search on this site came up blank.

    GÖD, Emergence, Life

  • 2012-02-28 @ 15:37:34

    Thanks Martijn! That’s about the extent of my creativity outside of humorous writing, so I doubt I can contribute something the community would value :(

    GÖD, Emergence, Life