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  • 2013-02-20 @ 13:49:34

    We have a monthly birthday dinner at the retirement home where I work, and I would (naturally) feel compelled to take a wandering balloon home with me each concluding night of the dinner. Other coworkers of mine would look at me puzzled and ask “Why do you take balloons home with you?!”, I would always stand in greater disbelief with an equally greater smile and say “Why not, they’re beautiful…and now abandoned!”. Like clockwork, the same thing occurred last night, but reading this post before hand, another thought followed which was: I become enamored by taking this one balloon home with me while others see no purpose in such a piece of latex; why?
    Now, this little bit of moment may not be my large spectrum of bliss but it is an indicator (which to me, holds equal importance!) of such a broader theme. Then I thought: simplicity, beauty in the moment of youth, and connection back to pure intentions; that is what fills me.

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