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  • 2015-04-22 @ 13:40:10

    It’s a harsh reality. Doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your time and relax. It’s just a matter of realizing your limited time and making the conscious decision of how you want to spend that time. Don’t stress, just progress.

    Time waits for no man

  • 2015-04-20 @ 21:35:16

    Thanks man. Check out the rest of the blog. Let me know what you think.

    Time waits for no man

  • 2015-04-07 @ 01:41:12

    Feel free to leave a comment .

    Dreamers vs Doers

  • 2015-03-22 @ 08:33:42

    Fun, quick, and easy read with great content. Inspiring takeaways and insights on life.

    4 Things Skydiving Taught Me About Life

  • 2015-03-16 @ 14:05:40

    I absolutely love how he’s doing all of this in a cardigan. What a badass!

    EMPTY – Parkour & Freerunning

  • 2015-03-15 @ 15:17:58

    Fucking love elliot hulse. A really inspiring dude.

    “FOLLOW YOUR HEART” – (Best of Yo Elliott)

  • 2015-03-12 @ 13:22:53

    “Let your life be shaped by decisions you made, not by the ones you didn’t.” – mylasttie
    Really hits close to home. Thanks man. And all the best to you my friend.

    Redditor posts his life lessons before he dies from cancer

  • 2015-03-12 @ 12:20:07

    Love it. Banksy is really talented. “Too afraid to feel the rain?, that means your afraid to experience life” paraphrase of Elliot Hulse.

    Banksy Street Art