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make something beautiful before you are dead

thank’s for wathing this i love you music by areographe: the clip with robin william’s is from “dead poets...

Durianrider Really is Spiritual- Be Here Now

This is an old videos of one of the people I look up to. It’s funny how much Harley talks shit about different “wooh wooh hucksters,” The truth is I don’t reallly consider...

So, you want to be a writer? — Charles Bukowski

“Visual” project for a Beat literature class. “So you want to be a writer?” by Charles Bukowski Read by Tom O’Bedlam (thanks SBD) Music ©Firstcom

15 Big Life Insights I Wish I Knew at 18

One of the most popular posts of all time on HE is my 50 Life Secrets and Tips. However when I look...

Jordan Lejuwaan

25 Spectacular Movies You (Probably) Haven’t Seen

My top 25 favorite, relatively unknown movies of all time. Some highlights include Midnight in Paris, Sin Nombre, The Fountain, Waking Life, Garden State, Boogie Nights and Rubber. Posts some of your...


25 Spectacular Movies You (Probably) Haven’t Seen Pt. 3

This is post 3 of 3 in the series “Movies” Mr. Nobody Who would you have been when, at...

Martijn Schirp


Written, shot and edited by Sarthak Karki ( Soundtrack – Fabrizio Paterlini (La polvere e l’incanto)

The Mushroom/LSD Experience Explained & Explored

Anyone that has tried a psychedelic drug know that it’s impossible to fully explain the experience to someone who hasn’t tried one. The entertainment industry completely misrepresents these...

Jordan Lejuwaan

Som Sabadell flashmob – BANCO SABADELL On the 130th anniversary of the founding of Banco Sabadell we wanted to pay homage to our city by means of the campaign “Som Sabadell” (We are Sabadell) . This...