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make something beautiful before you are dead

thank’s for wathing this i love you music by areographe: the clip with robin william’s is from “dead poets...

Durianrider Really is Spiritual- Be Here Now

This is an old videos of one of the people I look up to. It’s funny how much Harley talks shit about different “wooh wooh hucksters,” The truth is I don’t reallly consider...

So, you want to be a writer? — Charles Bukowski

“Visual” project for a Beat literature class. “So you want to be a writer?” by Charles Bukowski Read by Tom O’Bedlam (thanks SBD) Music ©Firstcom


Written, shot and edited by Sarthak Karki ( Soundtrack – Fabrizio Paterlini (La polvere e l’incanto)

Som Sabadell flashmob – BANCO SABADELL On the 130th anniversary of the founding of Banco Sabadell we wanted to pay homage to our city by means of the campaign “Som Sabadell” (We are Sabadell) . This...

Asher Roth – Fast Life

Order RetroHash Now! Fast Life is the second single off of RetroHash Directed by Smash Lefunk RetroHash Live Listening Sessions:...