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Favourite things to do while tripping shrooms.

Hello people. I am a huge mushroom enthusiast and I enjoy trying differant things while tripping. I would like to hear some of your guys favourite things so i can give them a try. I like to swim and...

Growing Dank Pot

Hello people, In about two weeks which will be spring in South Africa i am going to grow my own weed for the first time. I was hoping for some good links to websites or some information from...


I got into a very long discussion today with a Christian guy, and it left me with a strong dislike for the religion. It is extremely contradictory. Am I right in saying that Christians believe that...

Sexual Orientation

I would like to hear some opinions on sexual orientation and whether we subconsciously choose it or not. Also would just like to hear some thoughts on this topic and in particular about bi-sexuality.