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  • 2017-03-26 @ 18:02:59

    I agree with Dimaco and his clear and honest description of how much this wedsite has strayed into a dimension that is unrecognizable from it’s origanal intended goal… to evolve…Unfortunately many of us have left this site long ago…We noticed a website that once vowed to offer nourishing ideas and honor the diversity of positive views….Instead we are offered a critical view of Alan Watts?….Any Person with a drop of Self awareness would KNOW…Your vision of this site… has been compromised…When your intention to charge money for ideas…no matter how great your ego may believe it is valued…When it stands beside Divine Light….It reveals its True Nature… Also Known As….Corporate Greed…I also wish you well on your Journey with HE.

    Alan Watts’ Jaw-Dropping Explanation of Mankind’s Deepest Nature

  • 2011-09-20 @ 23:44:05

    at times….I hear the English language…as if for the first time…wasn’t aware of these other ways!!! Thank you so much…Great Ideas!!

    Life Experiment: An Alien on Your Own Planet

  • 2011-09-13 @ 22:16:13

    These Poetry Slams have created an interest…..That will be exiting to explore..thank you for this Blog!!….Marty Schoenleber III s is a very heartfelt Slam that I enjoyed….also Joanna Hoffmans was another !

    Poetry Slam: Art of the Spoken Word