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This is my story.

Hello. This is my story I would love to share with you all. I don’t know any of you. You don’t know me. If I can reach anyone or touch someone out there in some way, then I would be most...

I am watching a miracle unfold.

If any one of you great spirits is interested in seeing my journey after reading my story, I would be most honored, man. You guys are awesome. I am so blessed today in this moment. I have met so many...


Hello my friends. I posted this on my website but I wanted to share here. If after you read this and would like to read my awakening, I would be most honored. Now that I smile, I’m just going to...

Full circles.

Digging this beautiful day so far, man. After breakfast and black and white movies this morning, I went to church and sat alone and prayed. It smelled really nice in there and it was really beautiful....

mail me your creations.

check it man I will feature you. Sync the universe. Much love and peace to you all today.

To build a home.


Thank You for Smiling Tonight.

h3y m4n

y0u d19? :)